Why Study at RBISC

Skilled Teaching Staff: Apart from selecting teachers according to the requirement of the school, the school keeps on providing in-house and outdoor training to keep the teachers in a continuous improvement in profession and up-to-date in the latest changes in teaching methodology. Training on teaching methodology and English conversation is the continuous program of the institution.  

Skill Teaching Staff

Proper infrastructural facilities:  As an ideal school, RBISC has got a huge and posh 5-storied school building, playground, auditorium for hosting competitions and cultural events, a conference room for seminars and meetings, a proper canteen, a mosque, medical centre, library and many other modern facilities. We provide hostel facilities too.

Transportation SystemThe institution has got two 30 seated brand new Japanese minibuses to pick and drop the students and the Teachers. Moreover, the school gets the vehicle support from the Ashiyan Group as and when it is required.

Transport System

Lab facilities– The school provides facilities for practical lessons for

  1. Computer
  2. Science (Physics, Chemistry. Biology)
  3. Language (Phonetics and pronunciation for spoken English)

Smart Classrooms: School provides facilities for smart classrooms with multimedia projector, overhead projector, online facilities for activity based classes.

Smart Class Room

Parent-Teacher meeting: Not only once in a term and twice in a year, parents are always invited for a need-based meeting regarding the performance of the students.

Student- Counselling: There are special counselling arrangements for special students (hyper, naughty, weak or mentally challenged) by the professional counsellor.

Open door policy: The School believes in an open door policy unlike other Schools. Apart from the regular official meetings, any parent is allowed to meet the School authority with a legible objective any time during office hours.

Supporting in advanced studies: As Ashiyan Group has got a well established and government registered Medical College Hospital adjacent to the school and college, the bright students willing to study medical science, will get a priority to get a chance in this medical college.

Beautiful Play Ground for Students: The school has a beautiful playground In front of school. Student will play all types of games in the playground.